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Welcome to the Couples of Olympus WikiEdit

This is a wiki where you are free to write fanfiction about the couples in Rick Riordan's books. You can also include Greek and Roman gods or characters from both Percy Jackson series. You may use the existing character couples, or use even the dead characters. Feel free to create your own choice of couples. Don't forget to be creative and think of your own ideas! There are, however some rules, (as listed below) when you are creating these stories. Please no profanity or any words others may find offensive. No homosexual couples. No having characters have physical love.  If you follow these rules, you are free to enjoy this wiki.  Failure to folow these rules may result in a block.

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Welcome to Couples of Olympus Wiki! by Silverwind of MountainClan

New users by Athenaiswise

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The staff at this wiki urge you to follow these rules.

  • No cursing. No one wants to hear your vulgar language.
  • No homosexual relationships. Sorry. They can be a bit tricky and a little brain messing, so we'd like to keep that off our site. Thanks.
  • No having characters flirt in inappropiate or sexual ways. We're also trying to make this wiki pretty PG-13. You get the idea.
  • No murdering. It's just not anything we want someone to read.
  • No rasicm. There's no need to explain this. Nobody want's to be taunted because of their beliefs or race.
  • Don't make detailed killing/harming scenes

What's not appropiate: Bob raised his knife at Jill's throat. As he plunged it into a vein, he watched in pleasure as blood steadily welled out. The skin was torn, and you could see bone.

What's appropiate: Bob raised his knife at Jill's throat. As he slashed downward, there was a shriek, and all was dead silent.

If you fail to pursue these rules that have been listed, it will result in a block or warning, and eventually ban.

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